East Meets West at the Home and Garden Expo 2019!


Home and Garden starts today!

If you’ve been curious about any of the services we offer, pop by our booth and say hi. We’ll have people from every department rotating their time between the office and the show, and we’re there to answer YOUR questions.

Want to know if acupuncture hurts? And if it truly helps with infertility? Come ask us! 

Want to know the best time of year to get cosmetic laser treatments for hair removal or the treatment of sun spots? We’ll tell you all about it! 

Want know why someone would get an IV if they aren’t sick or in the hospital? We’ll give you the deets!!! 


Honestly, we love providing people with information and insight in to the services we offer - so if you’re going to the show, stop by and say hi and ask us what’s been on your mind!!

We also always have great special discounts for people who schedule appointments at the event, so ask us about our deals (or stay tuned on our social accounts and see what’s going on!) 

We’ll see you there!! 
Wednesday 1-8
Thursday 1-8
Friday 1-8
Saturday 10-5

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