Here we grow again!

We’ve been searching for the right chiropractor to join our patient-centered, team-based approach for a loooong time. And guys! We finally found her!! 

New chiropractor.png

We are ecstatic to welcome Dr. Tiffanee to our fantastic team of healthcare professionals. She is kind-hearted and truly dedicated to her patients’ care - Tiffanee has received chiropractic care her entire life, and knows the benefit it can provide people as part of their healthcare regime. She uses a variety of manual techniques and incorporates soft tissue techniques, low-force adjustments and home exercises as part of her treatments and care. 


Learn more about Dr. McArthur on our website through our team page. You can also find her on our booking site where you can schedule an appointment with her in a few weeks! You'll be able to schedule appointments with her starting April 29 - and as with any of our services, feel free to schedule yourself in for a "meet and greet" to have an opportunity to chat with Dr. McArthur to see if her style of chiropractic care will be the right fit for you!

Along with this growth of our chiropractic department, this ALSO means we’ll be expanding our chiropractic care hours to serve you better! With appointments available from 7:30 in the morning till 7:30 at night many days of the week, you're bound to find a way to fit your chiropractic care in to your schedule. 

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