Wait! What? - The Value of being on the Wait List.

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It’s that time of year that schedules get crazier than normal, amiright? Somehow, we're all trying to fit in our regular day-to-day stuff, but also soccer and baseball tournaments, camping, bonfires, trips to the beach, parks, friends... It's definitely hard to get everything in....

But taking care of yourself is important too! What to do?!?

Our wait list is here to help. Have an acute concern? Wait list! Flexible schedule? Wait list! Don’t like waiting? Wait list!

Our schedules are changing and updating constantly throughout the day and week... being on our wait list is a good place to be!

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For those of you who schedule your own appointments online, did you know you can add yourself to our wait list? It’s ALWAYS an option to speak with our front desk and they’ll do it for you, but our booking software definitely lets you add yourself! Just follow the prompts on the booking site, and you can add in which days/times/practitioners/appointments. Be as particular or as vague as you’d like! 

If an appointment that works for your becomes available, our front desk will reach out to you by phone and let you know! 

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It’s first come, first serve, so jump on those appointments when you get the call!! If you can’t take the call, you can always log back in to our booking site and grab the appointment there! 

We think convenience is key to making self care a real possibility for people... we hope that utilizing this wait list option makes things easier for everyone during the busy summer months. 

Happy summer! 

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