World Spine Day

Each year on October 16th, organizations and people from around the world join together to raise awareness on spinal conditions. Prevention and effective management of spinal conditions is the main focus of World Spine Day. This year the theme is Get Spine Active! It presents the opportunity for people to manage back and neck pain by movement and exercise. Being spine active can be accomplished in many ways: regular work breaks, 10-minute walk, stretching, running, biking, swimming, going to the gym, yoga, etc. Any activity that promotes movement! Being active is amazing for the body. Movement not only helps manage and prevent pain, but also provides a great way to manage stress, anxiety, and mood.

Need more tips to help you add movement to your day?

  • Less screen, more green: take regular active breaks at work

  • Park further away so you can incorporate more walking in your day

  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator

  • Consider biking to work instead of driving if weather permits

  • Use a standing desk or pace around in the office for more movement

  • Practice better posture habits

  • Wear a device that tracks your steps, it’s a great method to keep you motivated

Preventing Back Pain - What can you do?

Back pain is such a common issue for a variety of people... It affects people of different ages and activity levels, and it's such a debilitating issue - if you suffered back pain once, it seems like it's just around the corner. It's important to know which treatments are effective for relieving pain once it's struck, but treatments can be used to manage and maintain a healthy back, too. 

But what can YOU do to prevent back issues? As we head in to gardening and landscaping season, we thought we'd share some simple tips to keep your back healthy so you can enjoy all the things this season has to offer! 

Our chiropractor Dr. Tiffanee McArthur has these FOUR tips for a healthy back to share with you!

Walk it out...png

1. Walk it out

With or without back pain, you should get up and take a walk! Movement, as simple as a 10 minute walk, can help relieve back pain and even reduce your risk of low back pain in the future. Many people work sedentary jobs so it is important to change up your position throughout the day. Take frequent breaks to change it up. Sitting all day? Find the time to stand and add movement. Standing all day? Take the time for sitting breaks. Just move!

2. Lift with your legs

Lifting improperly can take a toll on your back. Become more mindful of how you lift objects in order to save you from that pain in the back. Make sure the object your are about to lift is close to your body. Get it a squat position by bending your hips and knees. Do not bend forward! Straighten your legs and keep your back straight as you lift. It is also important to avoid turning or twisting as your are lifting that object. If you think the object is too heavy to lift on your own, ask for help!

3. It’s all about your core

Your core is not just the ab muscles, it consists of your back and side muscles too! The core musculature is essential in supporting your spine and reducing the risk of injury. Dr. Stuart McGill developed core exercises to help support your core, increase endurance, and protect your back. Click the link below to learn more about the McGill Big 3.

Build a strong foundation.png

4. Yoga, Pilates, or Tai Chi

These are forms of exercise that focus on body awareness, breathing, and building a strong foundation. Yoga and Pilates provide a variety of purposeful poses that focus on many parts of the body at once. The poses also help to improve balance which may help to prevent falls and injuries later in life. Participating regularly has been shown to decrease back pain. Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art that is meditative with a focus on deep breathing and slow movement. This focus helps to improve mobility and balance. Improving pain and function within the body while also decreasing the risk of chronic pain are few of the many health benefits of Tai Chi. All 3 forms of exercise are considered “safe” for both healthy and injured individuals.

Keep these tips in mind while you get out and enjoy the weather... no one wants a bad back slowing them down.

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Team-Based, Patient-Centered Care

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