A Look Back Before We Leap Forward - The History of East Meets West Health Centre

It was October 2004 when East Meets West first opened their doors. The location was on 3rd Ave S; it was only about 800 sqft, made up of a small reception area and 3 treatment rooms. The renovation on this space was done by the owner, Dr. Sean Hantke, with the help of family and friends.

Dr. Sean Hantke ran the business as a one man show, doing everything from treating patients, answering phones, billing, advertising and general maintenance- this allowed him to gain a good grasp on what starting a business and being an entrepreneur was all about. Over the next 4 years, the business continued to grow and expand, and an additional 200 sqft was added to the space, adding an additional 2 treatment rooms. One of these rooms was leased out to a massage therapist, and this was the first experience that Dr. Hantke had working with along side another healthcare professional. This sparked his vision of a team based multidisciplinary healthcare facility.

In January 2008, East Meets West, along with Walcott Chiropractic, purchased a condo in the WT Hill area. The condo was 4000 sqft; East Meets West had 5 rooms, Walcott Chiropractic had 4, and the remaining space was leased to a Day Spa. The business grew from there, adding an additional acupuncturist, Dr. Tobie Spitzer, as well as shared support staff.

Still with the vision of creating a true healthcare team, Dr. Sean Hantke employed a massage therapist and began combining acupuncture and massage treatments into one treatment session. The combo treatment was born; a full acupuncture treatment followed by a 15-minute massage! The treatment results and feedback were amazing, again, solidifying the vision of creating an integrated healthcare team.

Over the next 10 years, the business grew at a rapid rate; East Meets West now owned and occupied the entire condo, additional massage therapists were added, and the existing acupuncture department grew. Shortly after, other departments were added - Chiropractic, Naturopathic Medicine, Physiotherapy and Medical Aesthetics all joined the team, creating the vision of a united healthcare centre.

As of today, East Meets West Health Centre has 26 employees and consists of 6 different healthcare services. We are a true healthcare team passionate about providing a collaborative approach to a better you.

From its humble beginnings to its current status, East Meets West has been a vision of Dr. Sean Hantke’s - building a company that puts patients’ needs before anything else, and combing the right departments and practitioners to uphold high standards. East Meets West is ready for exciting changes coming in the new year that will fulfill the dream of a team based multidisciplinary healthcare facility that started so long ago.

Healthy For The Holidays

Hello December.jpg

December already?  How did that happen?

 In no time at all it’ll be 2018.

So with the whirlwind that is December, let’s take moment to glimpse into the future.

Holiday parties, school concerts, treats and baking, laughter and family, family and fighting, shopping, mall traffic, travel…

This time of year can be a lot of fun, but it can also be extremely draining. A bit more demands, a bit less time. A bit more indulging, a bit less sleep.  Its pretty common to start feeling the burnout by the end of the month.

Remember to take care of yourself. The busier you are at this time of year means the more attention you need to take to rest, repair and recover.  Try not to let the urgent and exciting displace what’s really important – for your health, and happiness. That definitely doesn’t mean you don’t indulge or take part in the spirit of the season, but don’t be afraid to say “no” to some things, so that you can say “yes” to the really important things.

Keep the basics in mind: Get good sleep. Eat good food. Move and exercise.  Wash your hands often.

Self-care. Maybe that means bubble baths with scented candles or making time for a massage. Maybe that means turning off Netflix so you can get an extra hour of sleep, or waking up early to fit your workout in. Maybe it means a bit of extra meal prep so you can still eat healthy while the busy-ness increases. 

At East Meets West Health Centre, we want to help you out too. Come in for a massage to relieve tension, acupuncture to unwind, or IV nutrient therapy to boost energy and immunity. This can be a difficult time for a lot of people and counselling may be helpful for those that have suffered loss around the holidays or otherwise. 

christmas-gift-2 edit.jpg

Maybe give an early gift to someone who's not be taking time for themselves and treat them to a massage.  We’ve got a variety of options – from full body relaxation, to cupping, to hot stone, reflexology, and more.

Come with a friend or two for replenishing IV nutrient therapy. Or make it a Date Night.  

We’ve also got gift certificates and other gift options – from foam rollers, water bottles, and bath flakes.

And don’t forget to use up you extended health benefits. It’s a great time of year to get started on some health goals you’ve been putting off. If you haven’t used any benefits so far this year, you’ve essentially got twice the money over the next 13 months.

With all that in mind we at East Meets West Health Centre wish you happiness and health for the holidays.  

Team-Based, Patient-Centered Care

Team-Based, Patient-Centered Care

What makes East Meets West Health Centre different? We're all about our patients and clients, building a team of skilled practitioners around your needs and goals.