IV nutrient therapy

Intravenous (IV) Nutritional Therapy is an efficient and effective way to deliver high concentrations of nutrients directly to the blood stream—bypassing physiological and pathological limitations of the digestive system.

Our team can help you decide which IV may be right for you or design a custom formula unique to your needs. Boost energy, heighten immunity, ease tension, speed recovery and so much more! 

Why IV Therapy? Why not just take oral vitamins/supplements?

  1. Many people don’t absorb vitamins very well through their digestive system. Much of what you take orally never finds its way into your bloodstream, particularly if you have digestive troubles, or are taking medications. IV therapy helps to ensures that nutrients get to where they’re needed. 
  2. Your digestive system can have a hard time with high doses of vitamins. Taking large doses of vitamin C orally, for example, might upset your stomach—with IV therapy, your body can tolerate much higher (and more helpful) amounts. 
  3. Your body can access the nutrients better when they’re in your bloodstream, and that means IV’s can often give us better results, faster. 

Modern IV Nutritional Therapy has its roots in the Myers cocktail—a mixture of vitamins and minerals created by Dr. John Myers MD and used it to treat a multitude of health conditions from anxiety to chronic fatigue.

At East Meets West Health Centre all IV treatments are overseen by a licensed Naturopathic Doctor.



Rehydrate and recover

  • Restore depleted fluids, electrolytes and nutrients while flushing out toxins.

  • A healthy and all-natural hangover prevention and recovery treatment


Red eyes... Itchy skin... Sneezing...

  • Select nutrients including Vitamin C - designed to reduce symptom severity by stabilizing histamine release.
  • For best results begin treatments a few weeks prior to allergy season. 


A powerful tool for healthy weight-loss

  • Focused lipotropic factors and metabolic boosters to help burn fat for energy.
  • Supports nutrient status and boosts energy during weight loss programs. 


Sick again? Need to kick it fast?

  • Formulated with Vitamin C and immune boosting vitamins and minerals to help you feel better faster

  • Infuse at the first signs of cold/flu to minimize symptoms and reduce sick time. 


Run down? Dragging your feet?

  • Boost your energy with this B-Vitamin and amino acid packed infusion.
  • A physical and mental pick-me-up to help get you back to being you. 


Eyesight fading? Aging eyes?

  • From aging eyes to macular degeneration.
  • Formulated with a range of anti- oxidants to support healthy vision & eye health. 


Enhanced wound and surgical recovery

  • Support your body’s natural repair processes for optimal surgical healing.

  • A specially formulated IV designed to promote faster healing, enhance collagen growth and prevent scar tissue formation.  


Feeling really burnt out?

  • This super-concentrated, high dose formula helps alleviate the signs and symptoms of stress while decreasing fatigue and improving focus.
  • The secret weapon to staying ahead of the competition. 


Nourish and heal your GI tract

  • Designed especially for those with digestive and malabsorption issues.
  • Bypasses a damaged and inefficient digestive tract while providing vital nutrients and supporting tissue healing


You are what you absorb

  • Concerned about your ability to take in nutrients? Not quite following your optimal diet?

  • An all around nutrition support of essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids designed to help round out your diet.


Replenish, restore and recover

  • Designed to nourish and rehydrate in order to promote optimal athletic performance and speed recovery
  • Vitamins, minerals and amino acids specially formulated for the higher nutrient needs of athletes. 


Inner peace and outer glow

  • A powerful combination of anti- oxidants, amino acids and age-defying nutrients to help turn back the clock.
  • Quench free-radicals and nourish collagen to look and feel younger—from the inside out! 


For those that want it all!

  • With too many vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids to list, this nutrient-packed infusion does it all

  • Boost immunity, fight fatigue, and nourish the body with this all- encompassing IV infusion. 


Looking for something more unique?

  • Let our experts formulate a custom IV made just for you!
  • Designed to optimize your unique nutrient needs and requirements. 


Short on time? These compact infusions can help get you the boost you need and get you back to your day. 


Tired? Burnt-out? On your way there?

  • Restore your energy and vitality by supporting a healthy stress response.

  • Formulated with high dose B vitamins to improve energy and a host of nutrients to support adrenal function. 


Sit down, put your feet up, and relax

  • Formulated to help ease mental tension, calm the mind, balance mood and promote better sleep.
  • Body and mind support for a demanding world.


Get that healthy glow back

  • Help problem skin be less of a problem
  • Focused nutrients to promote a healthy glowing complexion from the inside out.


Felling tight? Strained? Contracted?

  • Unwind with this special formulation designed to relax tight muscles, open up blood flow and ease tension.

  • Whether it’s sport, stress, or otherwise this IV can help you relax and release.  


Under-the-weather and short on time?

  • Charge up your immune system on-the- go.
  • A compact and efficient formulation of vitamin C and immune boosting vitamins and minerals to help keep you healthy. 

Skinny Mini

Compact weight-loss support

  • A smaller, faster version of our Skinny IV - still packed with lipotropic factors and metabolic boosters.
  • Designed to support your weight-loss goals and get you back to your life. 


Take your health a step further

  • Boost energy, enhance immunity, support detoxification, and promote anti-aging.

  • A formulation built around glutathione - the bodies master anti-oxidant! 


PMS... cramps... hot flashes...

  • Formulated with high-dose magnesium and hormone balancing ingredients to help you feel like yourself again.
  • A girl’s best friend to help ease symptoms associated with hormonal imbalances. 


Don’t let migraines control your life

  • A special formulation designed to decrease the frequency and severity of migraines and headaches.
  • Useful in both prevention and during acute attacks. 



Glutathione: The master antioxidant! A great addition for anti-aging, anti-oxidant, or detoxification support

Extra Vitamin C: For more anti-oxidant and immune-boosting power. Special testing may be required.

B12: For that extra energy boost

Ask about our other add-ons to customize your treatment. 

IM Therapy Menu

Intramuscular (IM) injections provide quick boosts of nutrients with a slower release to the blood stream.  


The classic boost for body and mind

  • When you need that extra boost of energy. 

Skinny IM

Weight-loss support on-the-go

  • Lipotopic and metabolic boosts in a compact form

Immune IM

Compact immune support

  • Designed for fast or frequent immune boosts. 

Adrenal IM

Fight stress and fatigue fast

  • B-vitamins and focused nutrients to support a healthy stress response. 

Allergy IM

Get back outside

  • Quick support to get you through allergy season.