What is DIOLAZE XL Hair Removal?

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DIOLAZE XL hair removal treatment is based on principles of selective photothermolisys. The light penetrates into the skin and is selectively absorbed by melanin of the hair shaft. The absorbed energy is converted into heat, coagulating the hair follicle. Multiple treatments are required for best results. White hairs are resistant to the treatment due to scarce pigmentation in the hair shaft. DIOLAZE XL is a universal hair removal system for all skin types.

The DIOLAZE XL is intended for hair removal and permanent hair reduction defined as the stable, long-term reduction in hair counts at 6, 9, or 12 months following a treatment regime.

The number of treatments is typically varied from 4-10 sessions every 4-8 weeks on the face and every 6-12 weeks on the body.